We’ve moved!

The SK team has a new home. Our offices are now right on the iconic Blackfriars Bridge, with views along the River Thames from the Tate Modern to Tower Bridge. It’s an incredible spot and to think, this time last month we were not even thinking about a move….

Why this move feels right

Our previous offices had served us well, but the surrounding area was changing. We were becoming disgruntled with the noise from the construction works around us – a huge new building for student accommodation and then next door a new hotel (so no more Snow Hill Cop Shop or TV dramas as there was always filming going on in the old building). The reality then dawned. Once the building works were complete, the noise would stop but we were going to lose so much light. We felt our eco system was going to significantly change for the worse. We needed somewhere where we would all feel good about spending time. We clearly needed to move.

We also wanted to find a place with a welcoming communal space where we could come together as a team and where we could take some time out. It’s no fun eating lunch at your desk, we all need a proper break and some separation. This new office therefore not only has plenty of light and an incredible, uplifting location, there is also a place where we can be together, share a bite to eat and enjoy each other’s company as friends, not just colleagues. We’re all human, we all need those connections – to each other, to our surroundings and to nature….even if we are right in the heart of the city. Maybe even more so.

Please do come and visit us and have a coffee. You’ll find us at Bridge House, 181 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4EG.