Understanding our Financial Concierge service

Our Financial Concierge service is specifically tailored to the needs of each person we work with. It’s about treating the individual as an individual.

This is a high touch and highly personalised service that we offer clients who are perhaps too busy to give their finances the focus they need or that want a sounding board, a kind of ‘consigliere’, if you’re a Godfather fan. Sometimes these clients just want an objective view on their total financial position and hire us to be their trusted adviser, a confidant, which is especially useful to those who have come into a large amount of money very quickly.

From a different lens as a board member of Surrey County Cricket club, the Board has delegated authority from the General Committee (elected by the members) to oversee the management of the Club’s activities. Our concierge service offers the chance for a client to delegate the day to day responsibilities of their financial affairs to us and we update them on what we have done.

How does it work?

We always take time to exactly agree what services you need from us. We usually start with day to day banking and we do this as if from you, by creating a third party mandate with your bank, usually a private bank, to make sure regular  bills, school fees, insurances and family payments get paid and cash reserves are topped up.

We will also look after your property portfolio to ensure rents are received and all the insurances are up to date. And we will liaise with your accountant for your tax returns and your legal team and agents, should you have them, on your contracts and endorsements.

And then there are the longer term, more involved areas of our service. We will work with you on your overall financial planning, organise your estate or legacy planning and your essential plan. We will then of course also assist with business projects and be available for broadcast events.

We will agree how often we meet, quarterly or half yearly, and we work on a strategy plan, on a rolling three year basis.

It’s a service we only offer to a few clients

Why? To some it can seem expensive. This service starts from £36,000 per annum. But it’s also a service that won’t suit everyone. It takes a huge amount of trust for this to work and not everyone is willing to let go of the financial reigns in this way.

More often than not our financial concierge clients are actors, directors and film producers, sportsmen and women, musicians and trust beneficiaries. This is very much where our expertise lies and we find that their circumstances most naturally lend themselves to having this kind of financial concierge service.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do get in touch with us and ask to speak to me, Kunle as I personally manage this side of the business.

You can find out more about all our services on our What we do page.