Ever heard of an Essential Plan?

“How do I unlock his phone?”

No one plans to get ill. Accidents happen. And if something were to happen, would anyone know how to access your phone or have your passwords to access your banking? These may sound insignificant details, but they can make a world of difference when things fall apart.

We recently had a scenario where a client had a heart attack and his wife could not access his phone as she didn’t have the passcode number. We have also supported the families of clients who have died, when banking passwords were unknown. In both cases, not knowing the password details only added to the stress at a time when the last thing they needed was more stress.

This is when a so-called Essential Plan comes into play. An Essential Plan has details of all of your finances, passwords, the lot. It’s a hugely important document as it not only contains personal information, it can help make really hard times run that little bit smoother. In fact we see this kind of information as so vital, we recommend that you hold your Essential Plan in a secure place, ideally alongside your will (you have done one right? If not you are in the majority as 67% of the UK population that does not have one).

A plan like this not only gives you a sense of being in control and ready for any eventuality, it will give your loved ones peace of mind when they need it most. To be honest, having your financial affairs fully in order is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. For those of you that have not made a will, let alone do not have an Essential Plan, please do look into this sooner rather than later.