Does it all get a bit too much? Here’s what to do….

There comes a time in most people’s lives – and let’s be honest, it is usually in your 40s – when life gets seriously FULL. This time of life can feel a bit like a case of ‘no time, no money, no energy’. The idea then of taking the time to really think about your finances just feels out of reach. But we’re here to help.

I get it, it’s hard to find the right opportunity to look at your finances and it’s even harder to do it when you’re in the right frame of mind to deal constructively with it all.

You have children that need your support (and your transport services), you may also have parents who are starting to get on a bit and need more help. Add to that the fact that you’re at peak earning so work is stressful and living costs are high and only getting higher – mortgage, school fees, holidays. The list goes on.

But these financial decisions are important and they WILL give you some clarity and peace of mind. They may even show you how to carve out ways in which to bring some joy back into your day to day. Now that would be worth it!

Top recommendations for making time (and money)

  1. Book in some time to chat to me or one of our team. Having a dedicated time in the diary will mean that these all important conversations actually happen. And we’re really keen to help you get everything in place. If you have it in the diary, you will make time for it….even if it is month’s in advance.

Or if you want to do it solo, make sure you, diarise it. Even if it is just you, it does help to book time out to do this, otherwise it just won’t get done. Having the time blocked out will also prove if you really want to do it.

  1. Make an agenda – it’s not a work meeting, but by making a list of the things that you want to focus on and working through this will make it easier as you can also record the key points. Things worth thinking about:
  • Budgeting and reviewing your expenditure
  • Making or updating your will
  • Doing the lasting power of attorneys – for you but also for your parents!
  • Making a guardian plan
  • Understanding the level of income you will need in a non-working world

(Have a read of the powerful JP Morgan story we shared here – it’ll hopefully give you a bit of motivation!)

  1. Review your expenditure – yes, I have already mentioned this, but it deserves its own point. This really is crucial and should absolutely be on your list. These days, it’s a case of what hasn’t gone up in price, so this will need revisiting. This is also the area where reviewing the figures and making some small adjustments, you may just find a way to afford yourself something joyful, something for you.
  2. Do the hardest one first (such as the will or the guardian plan) – then it already feels like an achievement!
  3. Understand your debts and check your credit profile – cyber-crime is on the rise and is not going away.
  4. Will I have enough money? – We have some great tools to help you really see what this looks like and it takes no time at all to give you the answers you need. But in essence, I always think of three levels, your essential spend (to keep the lights on), your desirable spend (luxury, holidays etc) and then your aspirational spend (doing wonderful things), so break your expenditure down into these three categories and see how things look.

And remember, slow and steady wins the race – aim to do at least one task in a realistic timeframe. I plan mine weekly and either do this on a Friday (it helps to end my week off on a high, if I do something for me for a change) or a Sunday (my most chilled day of the week).

And then after all of that, reward yourself with something. For me it’s two chocolate hobnobs (the king of biscuits)!

Get stuff done. Ask for help (we’re here). And be accountable…to YOU. It’s worth it.